Ben Moon

Ben Moon

In Portland, Oregon, Kevin O’Connor began his pursuit in 2004 for new frontiers in percussion and analog sounds.  What was he looking for? Something entirely new in something old.  And so he began collecting. Dusty Italian Crumar synths and pristine Moogs, rickety Baldwins and warbly Wurlitzers, pure-sounding Rhodeses and cranky old Korgs.  Sounds upon floating, gritty and gorgeous sounds, with a muscular backbone of beats alongside a brainy live drumkit.  Talkdemonic was born.  Kevin was beating out a new path in the already innovative music community of Portland, and yet his friend and violist Lisa Molinaro joined him to lend her string skills to further texturize Talkdemonic’s alluring sounds.  The duo became unstoppable.

Fast forward seven years. Talkdemonic’s 2004 LP Mutiny Sunshine is now considered a downtempo classic amongst fans, while their sophomore Beat Romantic thrust them into the indie spotlight.  Kevin and Lisa released Eyes At Half Mast in 2008, a union of haunting strings passages, tongue and groove beats and drums, and lush nostalgic synth layers that call to mind your personal soundtrack to some inner, secret and special moment of your life.

Ruins is the fourth Talkdemonic studio album.

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