Love as Laughter

Love as Laughter has been a ‘band’ since around 1994, when Sam Jayne started making 4-track recordings at home for friends in Olympia and Seattle, Wa after the dissolution of his band, Lync. The tapes for friends were called Love as Laughter, and a selection of those recordings became 1996’s Greks bring Gifts, on Olympia’s K records. Ever since then, Love as Laughter has been making records, playing shows, touring, having fun and missing flights with a revolving cast of Jayne’s friends. ‘I can’t believe it’s still a band!’ Jayne will quickly tell you, but for many others it’s easy to believe. Love as Laughter’s music seems to always go good with a jean jacket and a beer, sounding somewhere between Black Flag and Neil Young.



Holy    Digital    CD